sense of akasha


Klaus Leitner / Guitar & Vocals
Untersteiner Armin / Guitar & Vocals
Christian Mair / Bass & Vocals
Ivo Forer / Drums
Irene Hopfgartner / Violoncello & Vocals
Hartmann Campidell /  Piano & Hammond

Sense of Akasha was founded in 2002. The sound of the band paints a suitable picture of the landscapes they are living in namely, Brunico, a small town located in northern Italy next to the border to Austria, so to speak “on mountain tops between clouds, sun, snow, rough weather in-between almost mystical atmospheres”.
The music of SOFA comes across well with a rather classical rock-constellation of two guitars, bass, and drums. Additional instruments such as cello, banjo, mandolin or electronic grooves, noisemakers and voice samples are used in a playful mode. Wonderful melodies are created in a playful way, melodies which hide quickly behind walls of guitars only to reappear even more heartrending.

After the release of their first official full-length album “People do not know who rules” (on the Italian independent label Riff Records in 2008), which was extremely well received by the Italian and German press, in 2010 the band made a trip into the artistic field as well. In fact, their latest works consisted in creating soundtracks for an artistic installation by the German artist Julia Bornefeld and the interpretation of the Grimm Brother’s tale “the bear skinner”. The soundtrack for Julia Bornefeld’s “asteroid centrifuge” has been released once more by Riff Records in 2009.

In Sept. 2011 SOFA released their second full length album “Splendid Isolation”; a powerful, aggressive, emotive and atmospherical album which is concerned with four basic issues: confusion, fear, audacity and freedom.


EP – 2009


Splendid Isolation
LP – 2011